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From my earliest memories I have been fascinated by ponds.

While growing up on a farm in Upstate New York we had a pond. Just a scrapped out depression in the ground that dried up in the summer.

I could kind of see the pond from our second story bedroom in the winter when the trees were bare. It was the first place I ventured when old enough to leave the backyard. Well, actually, I snuck off to the pond sometimes before actually being allowed. I remember going a bit further each time and my Mom yelling "where do you think you're going?" "Nowhere". But one day I made it. That had to be about kindergarten age. Times were different.

I visted the pond nearly every day for the next 12 years. Summer, winter, rain, snow. It was different every single time. A source of endless fun and learning. Tadpoles, frogs, ducks, muskrats, Great Blue Herons, deer, strange water bugs, birds, tracks, it just went on and on. 30 years later I can still remember every aspect of that pond, every season.

Around 1989 I bought a house in San Jose with a pool. From day one I saw the pool as a potential pond. In 1998 I converted the pool into a pond and in 2001 landscaped the entire backyard adding 7 ponds, 6 interconnected. It was a great learning adventure.

I relocated to Phoenix Arizona in September 2004. I doubt I will ever live again in such an idyllic place as San Jose or know such wonderful neighbors. But I wanted to experience new places. Not just visit, but truely experience.

These pond web pages have some of what I've learned along the way from fellow ponders and from my own experiences keeping ponds.

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Email: BigFish@WaterbugDesign.com