East side.

South side.

Feydeau 1.0

In mid 2007 I purchased this 1,600 sq ft Central Phoenix home to remodel. The property sat empty for a year while we waited to see where trickle down economics would take us. Summer of 2008 I started gathering materials off craigslist for the remodel. Fall of 2008 I started the remodel. Moved in October 10, 2010.

It took 3 moves in 6 years to find an area of Phoenix I liked. Started 28 miles from the center of Phoenix in a new subdivision. Next was a 1970 house 10 miles closer. Feydeau is a 1947 house 4 miles from the center of Phoenix. Along the way I confirmed I liked older homes (1947 is old by Phoenix standards) and that I really do not like the endless beige of suburbia.

Feydeau turned into my grand experiment. Spent three years of self reflection thinking about where to live in Phoenix. It only seemed natural to continue that process and consider what type of home I wanted to create.